‘Fin’ – Vocals / Guitar
John – Guitar
Davy – Bass Guitar / Vocals
Dave – Drums

There is a deep roar that lets you know Baleful Creed are in the room – a majestic raw guitar tone that makes your legs vibrate while getting pulled in to the smokey and whiskey stained vocals that are laid down over a pounding set of bass and drums.

Baleful Creed come from Belfast, Northern Ireland and the sounds of a troubled and dirty industrial city can be heard in the very core of their music.  This is Heavy Rock in all but the grandest form – from the head nodding riffs to the lyrics that chew on deep emotional subjects and tug on the human soul.
A band very much at home on the stage, loving to connect with their audience, they have been reaching out from the Emerald Isle on their latest Seismic Shifter Tour to feature in some of the best independent festivals throughout England, Scotland and Wales.
With the best set of fans ever in the Baleful Creed Global Family – you can be sure of making new friends at a BC gig.

Are you prepared for the massive sound that is Baleful Creed – come along to the front and we’ll see you there!

Former Members:

Stephen Fleming – Bass Guitar (2009-2014)
Mark Stewart – Drums / Vocals (2010-2014)
Ross Mayberry – Drums (2010)
Bob Magill – Drums (2009)

Honorary Member:

Micky McKeown – Drums (2014)